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Medical Social Work (MSW)


Medical Social Work (MSW)

MSW/MFT Social Worker Responsibilities:

  • Complete a Psychosocial Assessment, determine clients' needs, provide support and refer resources as appropriate

  • Evaluate programs and services for quality

  • Respond to crisis situations that affect children and/or vulnerable or mentally unstable adults

  • Attend weekly Clinical Supervision as required by the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS)

LCSW/LMFT Psychotherapist Responsibilities:

  • Provide Weekly Psychotherapy to assigned patients/clients

  • Encouraging and reciprocating sustained openness.

  • Uncovering clients' difficulties across emotional, relational, and behavioral spheres.

  • Generating comprehensive treatment protocols.

  • Discerning and addressing pertinent causal factors implicated in identified concerns.

  • Altering internal distortions and providing regulatory guidance.

  • Instituting fair and consistently reinforced boundaries.

  • Forging trusting connections with reputable inpatient treatment facilities.

  • Reporting clients' highly dangerous undertakings to the relevant authorities

  • Attend mandatory monthly meeting with Clinical Supervisor/Consultant

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